Profit1 Ad Network

Ukrainian company Profit1 is an advertising network, which allows website owners to earn money through advertising on their sites. We made the new website design in just two weeks: from the interface and our own illustrations to the adaptive modern layout with animations.

CPA Plus Interfaces

The CPA Plus directory of ad networks allows you to find, compare and choose an appropriate banner network or a specific offer. In just two weeks I made a desktop and mobile versions of the catalog, as well as a layout with UI elements.

Leon Bets backend

Шаблоны личного кабинета пользователя с каталогом рекламных сетей и статистикой для партнера Leon Bets. Заказчик попросил сохранить фирменный стиль своего сайта, включая цвета, шрифты и стиль элементов интерфейса. Работа заняла 2 дня.

RedStarBet Banners

Для игровых проектов компании RedStarBet мы придумали и оформили несколько баннеров с использованием двухмерной и трехмерной графики.

RedStarBet Registration

To increase conversions and attract new users, RedStarBet commissioned an analysis of the old registration UI and design a new one.

RedStarBet Mobile App

Ukrainian company «RedStarBet» asked me to improve the design of the interface for sports betting.

RedStarBet Interface

The Ukrainian company RedStarBet asked me to improve the design of the browser interface for sports betting.

RedStarBet Logos & Ads

Logos and advertisements for RedStarBet sports departments