DoDocs Video

Dodocs Video

25.03.2012 OLD

DoDocs was a CRM-like web service created by Stepan Danilov & my company, IDFY. Our team did almost everything in this project. But this video has a special place in our hearts: it was so much fun to create!

• • •

With english subtitles

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To make the style of the video more human, we decided to use the stop-motion method. We started with a general storyboard and wrote the text for a 1:30 video:

Then we found a whiteboard and started shooting it with a simple Nikon camera frame by frame.

After that we edit them all in blender and render as a video:


Authors & Roles

Art Director
Artur Netsvetaev

Aleksandr Savenkov

Video Editor
Pavel Belyayev

Camera Owner
Vasily Zubarev