RedstarBet Identity

RedstarBet Identity

September, 2018 Ads Product_Management Logo

Ukrainian company «RedStarBet» asked me to create logos & ads for their sports departments.

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We made four different logos for the four main areas of the company: about soccer, basketball, hockey and tennis.

Simplified logos

Separate adapted versions are specially drawn for small sizes.

Print ads


Although RedstarBet has long been known in the market, the challenge was to make it stand out graphically among its competitors and create a new style that would appeal to a younger audience. A competitor analysis with examples of creatives was provided by the client.

As a result of brainstorming with colleagues, I proposed 3 concepts: golden silhouettes of athletes, optical illusions with red thread, antique statues in a modern context. The client chose gold silhouettes, which then turned into red and black dynamic poses.


Client Says

«Arthur, on behalf of RSP Entertainment N.V. I would like to thank you for the work on our projects. Your professional experience, attention to detail and reasoned point of view on design-related issues have played a decisive role in the convenience and quality of the final product. I hope for further productive cooperation.»
Oleg Ivanov, CTO


Authors & Roles

Project Manager & Art Director
Artur Netsvetaev

Alexey Petelin

Ideas & Support
Pavel Belyayev
Aleksandr Savenkov