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Website & mobile interfaces, apps, video ads, email templates, banners & logos for a price tracking service Almost 5 years of work with the team.

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Video Ad


For a video I made every keyframe in Sketch and asked my collegue to animate it in-between in Blender.

Cause we don’t have time for a voiceover (and also cause I love experiments), I did it in Microsoft’s Azure AI service. I realised that for a proper voicing I should do some manual tune of accents. So I did it too to make it more human-like, line by line, word by word:

The last thing was to merge the video and the voiceover in one edit:

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iOS Mobile App

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Appstore Banners & Video

Appstore video demo

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Website Interfaces

Main Page

Catalog & Search result pages

Product Page

Notification Emails

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Various Banners


Authors & Roles

Product Manager
Artur Netsvetaev

UI/UX Designer
Artur Netsvetaev

Video animation
Pavel Belyaev

Use4Coins team