Escbox: Mobile Game

Escbox: Mobile Game

2016 App Design Interface Game UI/UX


Escbox is a runner game heavily relying on physics. Run forward, break boxes, and don't let the lava catch up to you. You are free to move in any direction, but the number of available jumps is limited. Don't slow down — and never stop! — you have to reach the finish before the lava does it for you!

I did all graphics, UI, sounds & music for this game.


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Video Teaser

Game screenshots


Main screen

Level select

First level bonuses

Various levels

Level score

Game shop

Gimme sign!

To make it easier to navigate the level, I came up with signs to warn of changes in gravity. Some of them are inserted just for fun and don’t tell you anything. Other funny signs I’d found are here.

Textures & demos

Escbox was made once for a hackathon/competition in 48 hours. I realised that it can be more than just a physics demo. So I started to work on design, and Gennady had implemented it for iOS & Android very well. Some demos for Windows & Linux are still available here.

A different theme was drawn for each level. Two had to be abandoned.

Graphic sprites of game objects and environments

At first we gave training in a separate screen after the death of a character


Authors & Roles

UI/UX Design
Artur Netsvetaev

Artur Netsvetaev

Gennady Pucherevin

3D Backrounds
Pavel Belyaev