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Springbok Fitness Marketplace App

27.08.2020 App Design Interface UI/UX

The client came up with an idea for a new app for sports fans and fitness instructors: the presentation to potential investors required a more detailed interface and neat design. Fourteen days were given to the task.

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Getting Started

Based on client’s five pencil sketches, I assembled and improved the main screens, as well as made another 15 new ones with all the necessary functions of a marketplace.

Screens Mindmap

As always, I started by creating a mindmap of the application screens: to determine the amount of work to be done, to design the logic, and to avoid confusion in a large project. In the process, it turned out that there were a quarter more screens in the application than I thought there would be before I made the map.

App Design

To save time and money this time, we decided not to do separate prototyping. I immediately started to design the screens listed in the diagram for the iPhone X.

The user is greeted by a loading screen and a labeled map to make it easier to see what is nearby. If desired, the searchable map can be switched to a regular catalog with categories: the app has a wide variety of gyms, SPAs, and fitness instructors.

Each organization and private instructor has its own page with all the information about services and contacts. Through this page users sign up for training and find out the addresses of the gyms.

For regular workouts, users receive discounted vouchers and new free workouts.

Instructor Pages

Instructor pages are different from company pages: you can learn about the person and their experience and easily book a workout or add to your favorites. And if you need more — you can watch training videos.

Working with the client

In the process of work, the customer wrote comments on the layout. We discussed new ideas and possible improvements to the product.


Client Says

«Very good design, multiple options. Great experience. Thank you very much brother, great work!»
Lubomir Guedjev


Authors & Roles

UI/UX Designer
Artur Netsvetaev