IDFY 2009–2012


2009–2012 (OLD)

IDFY was a small team of developers & designers which I created & led in 2009–2012. We used to make websites, logotypes, 3d animation & translations.
Fun fact: our website was built on Indexhibit engine — just like that one.

Who we are? A team of creative people who love what they do and are focused on results.
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Some projects

Our first presentation in 2009 wasn’t impressive, but it was honest: we didn't have a lot of experience at that time.

Alternative logo

Seva also came up with very interesting logo with an eye.


Authors & Roles

Lead Designer & Art Director
Artur Netsvetaev

3D Modeller & Project Manager
Pavel Belyayev

Alexandr Savenkov
Seva Keretnikov
Dmitry Kiselev
Alexey Petelin

Lead Programmer
Vasily Zubarev

Valeria Petunina

…and many awesome freelancers