Glassball Game

Glassball Mobile Game

2009 (OLD)

I like games and always wanted to create one. So, when a small team Navigames came up with an idea of Java mobile game, I was very excited. But first things first — they needed a logo.

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Navigames Logo

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Glassball Mobile Game

The idea was simple: you play as a glass ball that rolls through the maze. In each level you need to break a certain number of glass blocks, of which the levels are composed.

There are three main types of blocks: green, blue, red. To break a block, you need to jump up and press the 'fire' key while falling. To break a green block — 1 hit, blue — 2 hits, red — 3.

Also there are metal blocks, if you fall on such a block or jump and press 'fire', you break yourself. If you fall on a red block from a great height, it takes two lives and you break completely.

Original Gameplay

Screenshots from Android version (was made later):


For the splash screen we made a 3d scene with falling blocks. There were many iterations:

All textures and a game logo were done by me:

Video Demo (alpha build)

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Combat Readiness

There was another game we tried to done in collaboration with Navogames. It had to be a turn-based strategy, but was cancelled. Seva Karetnikov had time to draw some sketches for a main screen, Pavel Belyayev did many 3d models, and I did a few UI mockups.


Authors & Roles

Lead Designer & Art Director
Artur Netsvetaev

3D Artists
Pavel Belyayev
Konstantin Aleksandrov

Seva Keretnikov

Ivan Pyatovolenko
Sergey Kumanev